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Tips to travel a Jericoacoara

Atualizado: 29 de set. de 2018

Today is my first post here. I decided to write to the people who are traveling for first tome to Jeri or maybe in life.

It is essential to travel light. To be light it is a basic rule, especially for Jericoacoara, a village whose streets are sandy and unbelievable rot.

Never travel in these bands with a suitcase, use backpacks, even so not exceeding 25kg.

Jeri despite being a small villa the locomotion is horrible, because there is a lot of sand, besides it is a warm sand, not to mention the midday sun that is unbearable.

Download google maps and off-line maps, this can save you a lot of time

and money, in addition to minimizing that loss of agent has, the first time that we left in lands foreign.

However I recommend using a powerbank, as it is not worth a phone that has no battery. lol

I know that after traveling long distances we are exhausted, more important them that, we do not lose patience is at that moment that we spend much of our budget.

Well good trip to all ...

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